Welcome to my website. I am Bobby O’Gurek. I was born with Cerebral Palsy,but I don’t let it stop me living my life to the fullest. I go by my saying, "I was borne with cerebral palsy, cp does not have me".  I have a wheelchair to assist me with going anywhere I want to go. I work my wheelchair with my headarry “headrest”. The wheelchair does not define who I am.

        I have a communication device to communicate with others.   I am using the accent 1400 from the Prentke Romich Company.    I work my comunication device with 2 methods.   The first method, which is my favorite is Eye gaze. Eye gaze allows me to work my communication device with my eyes.   I love this technique because I can just go up to individuals and start talking to them. The only down fall with eye gaze is it is very difficult to use it in the sun.   My second method using my communication device is with the headstick. This is my oldest method which I have been using since I was in elementary when I would type on the computer. Now, I use my headstick to work my Ipad since I have to physically touch it.