Hello, I am Bobby O'Gurek. I am from Summit Hill, Pennsylvania. Summit Hill is located in the coal regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where I am a volunteer firefighter in the Diligence Fire Co. No. 1.

           I graduated from Panther Valley High School, where I was fortunate to be a member of both the Class of 1998 and Class of 1999. While there, I was introduced to the internet, and, more importantly, web design. My first two web sites were a personal one for myself and a Panther Valley Football web site. Since I was not able to play football, which I would have loved to do, the football web site made me feel like I was a part of the team.

          In September of 1999, I enrolled in Lehigh Carbon Community College. First, I majored in Liberal Arts, until the college put in place a Computer Specialist: Web Design program. This program afforded me the opportunity to gain experience and the tools necessary for me to begin my career in designing high quality professional web sites. In May 2006, I graduated from college with an Associate Degree in Web Design.

          After from graduating college, I accepted a job with S & O Computers, LLC, where I was hired to be its web designer and store manager. Taking these two positions gave me the opportunity to gain experience on how to operate a business. In May of 2010, I decided to start my own web design business. This decision was tough for me to make, because I enjoyed working in an office and interacting with customers who came in to the computer store, however, I did what I believe was best for me, and that was to open a web design business.

          In June 2010, I opened Bobby O'Gurek's Web Design & Services out of my house. I brought on clients that I designed web sites for while working at S & O Computers, LLC. Almost all of those clients signed with my business and I am very grateful to them. I used to have 19 active web sites for clients. Five clients are local government contracts. The rest of the web sites are for businesses and organizations.

          Since I opened my business, the local media has been very good to me. The Times News, which is our local newspaper, did a article on me and my business. They did an excellent job writing the article. I was impressed. You can read the newspaper article by clicking on this link: "Cerebral palsy doesn't stop 'independent' man".

          In March 2014, I received the Panther Valley Irish American Shamrock Award on St. Patrick's Day. Being nominated was an unbelievable experience! Read more..

          In October of 2020, I started my TikTok journey.   I started my tick tock to spread awareness about cerebral palsy.   I have noticed whenever I go somewhere, people would look at me and wondered why is he in a wheelchair? Why is he talking with a communication device?  Some think I am paralyzed and that is not the case.   I go live so people can get to know me rather than seeing me in a wheelchair.  My favorite part of TikTok is going LIve and making others smile and happy in a positive environment. 

      In 2024, I started to get my Instagram and YouTube going. I am excited for this opportunity, because I can spread happiness and make others smile on multiple platforms! On Instagram I post pictures of my life, what I am up to in my life and I also post behind the scenes photos of my videos and lives. On my YouTube, I post my Tiktok videos on there. I also go LIVE on YouTube.